Monday, October 31, 2011

The world's best nude beaches

Nude beaches have always lured free-spirited travelers to their shores. 
For as far back as we can remember, we have had fantasies of going on a trip, wandering aimlessly, only to miraculously stumble on a nude beach where heavenly creatures bring you aphrodisiacal drinks as they lay you down under a palm tree... with nothing separating the warm sand from your soft skin (alarm just went off... must press snooze).

Bakers Beach,San Francisco
Located right outside of San Francisco, Bakers Beach also has views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Couples Ochos Rios
At Couples Ochos Rios resort, a nude beach lets guests explore their wild sides.

Crete’s Plakias Beach
The east end of Crete’s Plakias Beach is a favorite for nude beachgoers.

Red Beach in Santorin
The striking red sands of Red Beach in Santorini, Greece, welcome naturists. 


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